Friday, January 23, 2009


Still sick, but recovering quickly enough that I think I can finish all the pieces I meant to by this weekend.

These are drafts for two of them. It's the first layer of two gouache on paper pieces, which - provided I can finish them entirely by Sunday - I'll be releasing as limited edition giclee prints in the middle of next week.

And I'm almost done with "The Bride." At this point I'm just trying to figure out the last step and debating between leaving it as is and matting it, or turning the borders of the paper into a more intricate papercut. I'll post a couple ideas tomorrow to see what you guys think. Camden likes it the way it is, sort of stark and plain on the page, but I don't know. I can't stop fiddling with it.

Edited to add: Huh. It looks like the scanner washed out the paintings. This might be better photographed.

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