Thursday, January 29, 2009

gina with a cornflower

From the item description:

This original pencil and ink drawing is a diminutive portrait of a fellow passenger on the San Francisco Muni, rendered on the ticket itself.

A couple weeks ago I was in the city, sketching on the train, and this girl with impossibly bright orange hair asked me to draw her. The only loose slip of paper I had on me was the train ticket - and that's how it started.

Gina, the girl in this portrait, had just gotten a new tattoo on her wrist done - a plain, tiny red star - but I kept looking at the tattoo of a cornflower on her neck. She saw me looking at it and took off her jacket so I could see the rest. From under her tank top a veritable riot of different flowers bloomed all over her chest and shoulders. "They go all the way down," she grinned. "What kinds of plants are they?," I asked. She replied, "They're all weeds."

This ticket measures 2" by 5", and the drawing itself is about 3" tall.

It's up in the shop for $30. Given how small these portraits are I thought that was a fair price, but Camden thought I should list them for more.

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  1. Ah- what a great girl (and a lovely portrait too)! I have a few sketches for some floral tattoos laying around as well. All mine are weeds too- dandelions, blackberries, clover...I love the over-looked nature of weeds.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is lovely! I've added you to my Reader. :)