Friday, January 9, 2009


The Storque just announced that the administration has launched a beta of tracking and site meter software, to which I say: w00t! I've often been curious to see how people find Pen and Paper, and I think this could be a great tool in attracting more customers and getting a better perspective on how far I can take this little project.

I haven't been posting too many new pieces. I'm working on seriously cleaning and clearing out my nest, which will probably take at least a week. But here's what I've listed in the last week or so:

They range from $30 to $35, with the exception of the little wolf cub, which is $15. I'm especially fond of him, actually. The silhouette itself only stands about an inch high, so with the matting and everything he looks especially diminutive. I think he'd look great in one of those IKEA pinewood frames.

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