Tuesday, December 16, 2008

two more before i return to gift-making and wrapping

I wish the picture quality weren't so horrid. The next plain clear day I get I'm going to reshoot all of these, but still - I can't wait until I make enough for a new scanner.

Each of these is listed for $35. A little on the low side, but I'm attributing the extra time it took to cut them to the new designs and the fact that I'm sick.

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  1. Sorry for not getting back to you on your questions about my papercutting methods. Here is a link to a post I did a while back that explains my 'cheaters' method!
    I've been trying lots of different techniques and love combining photos with my cuts. I will often photocopy the image I want to cut out (botanicals for example) on one side of the paper, and what I want to show (color or print) on the other side of the paper. This way when you cut your image out, its complete! Love your dimensional pieces, and this Red Riding Hood Wolf, is fantastic!!! Lets chat more soon!
    p.s. take a look at what my students created this week!