Friday, December 5, 2008

This morning I actually got up on time.

There are three of us living in my apartment, and only one of us goes to work every morning at the same time. My sister and I both work retail, and I only on the weekends, so our schedules tend to be all over the place. Camden, on the other hand, gets up Monday through Friday at 4:30 am. to get to his 6:00am shift in the city. This is usually the point in conversation when our friends gasp in horror and wonder how he hasn't died yet.

The truth is, his shift is great if only because it ends a couple hour earlier than most other people's. He gets off work around three, gets home at four, and if we're feeling especially ambitious we'll go have a pint at the pub and come home before five. We usually have dinner early, but if I've gotten a late start on a braise or something needlessly elaborate for a weeknight dinner it's still on the table no later than eight. We usually watch something from our Netflix queue, then have dessert and tea and are in bed by eleven. It's a staid, pleasant routine.

Except that this is how it almost always goes: Camden gets up at 4:30, showers, gets dressed, and goes to work. I stay in bed until after noon.

I've oscillated between insomnia and oversleeping since high school, and I'm not really sure why. It's frustrating, because when I oversleep I feel like I'm wasting time. Last night, Camden asked me if I'd like him to bully me into waking up with him, and I said yes.

Which is all a really long way of saying that I woke up at 4:45 this morning, and I got a lot done today.

There are a couple more miniatures, actually, but I'm going to list them later after I tweak the photos. Right now, to cap off the first really productive day I've had in a while, I'm going to go get a drink with some friends. Happy Friday!

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