Thursday, December 11, 2008

alice's gift

I'm taking a break of sorts this weekend, just listing one or two items every day, so that I can make some progress in my gift wrapping and holiday stuff. Other than tissue paper, so far I haven't had to buy any extra material.

I made my boyfriend's mom a set of handknit and felted nesting bowls and a necklace:

I started with a cigar box.

Then I filled the box with cotton batting, made a little niche and lined it with tracing paper so the cotton wouldn't stick to the bowls, and put that in. I made lined the innermost bowl with more paper, put in a little more batting, and then made the card for the necklace and put that in:

This way the card stands a little higher than it normally would, since it's resting on the cotton.

Then I put in the necklace:

Inserted the paper cap:

Stuck in the tag for the nesting bowls:

And put on the lid!

I sealed the card closed with sealing wax, which I use to package my miniature silhouette and smaller pieces so I have a lot of it to begin with. All the paper is paper I had lying around. The cotton batting was purchased years ago for a project I never got around to finishing.

So far I'm pretty behind in all my wrapping, partially because I'm still waiting on a few things to arrive, but I'm not feeling stressed out yet. One of my presents to Camden this year was that I'd take care of all the gift-wrapping and presentation, and I'm actually having a lot of fun.

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