Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm so glad I bugged Camden into taking the day off from work so we could go to the polling station together, sit down at the same table to mark our ballots, and that I remembered to keep my ballot tab as a memento.

I'm so glad I tackled a ridiculously complicated recipe for dinner, just to keep my hands moving and my mind on the two square feet of space in front of me until finally I couldn't take it anymore and turned on the radio to see what was happening.

Now that the results are barreling in I'm so glad Camden and I decided to stay home instead of going out to the pub or any of our friends' election parties because right now I want to be quiet. I want to hold his hand and savor this moment that's not just part of our history, but a part of history.

And I'm so glad we bought a new bottle of bourbon, because there may only be two of us but let me tell you: tonight we're going to celebrate for everyone.

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