Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Sly Boots I" listed in the shop

I've decided to offer larger pieces unmounted as well. It occurred to me that some people might prefer them loose, to add to shadowboxes or whatnot, or to mount them on different paper than I might choose.

I'm also gearing up to add a bunch of Christmas and winter items to the shop; stay tuned!


  1. Ooooo, he's lovely!

    Oh yes, about those cut-outs I did - I have mini plotter-cutter (Called a craft robo - i think in the US they are called Wishblades?) - it's a bit of an annoying thing to set up but it's good for short runs like cards etc - a good investment (if used often enough)..oh and the foam pads, go ahead and foam pad! I am finding tem currently v annoying because one side of the sticky paper never comes off easily :)

  2. sly boots is lovely! I'm gearing up for the holidays too and feel like I'm about four weeks behind. I certainly learned my lesson this year!

  3. I love everything you do! You papercuts are fabulous! I love the white silouettes.

  4. Thank you all!

    littlerobot - I remember you mentioned the Wishblades before, several months ago I think. I should really try to save up for those sometime - I love handcutting silhouettes, but it's pretty time-consuming and unless I can come up with a streamlined design it's hard to come up with a fair price just because of all the time (and hand cramping) that goes into a single piece.

    Erin - I know exactly what you mean. Next year I'll start listing for the holidays in July!

    Sarah - thank you so much! It's so heartening to hear feedback from an artist I admire.