Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Some little lockets I made earlier today. Each panel is an original gouache painting, measuring 23 mm in diameter and glazed to an enamel-like finish.

Also, they are a major pain in the ass. But my sister thinks they are cool and I should make a bazillion more. Dilemmas!


  1. I agree with your sister! Make more! These are awesome!

  2. J-

    These are great and as an apprentice metalsmith I appreciate the metal findings as well!

    I lost our email communication from several months ago :( but we are still planning to use your image on our CD. The release is next month so let me know if you would like a copy and I'll send you one!!

    take care,

  3. they are so pretty! I see how they can be a pain to make though. I like the shiny coating.

  4. Liza - Heh, I just received two more lockets I ordered in the mail a while ago. I guess it's fate.

    M. - Thank you! That's so cool that you apprentice in metalsmithing. I really want to take classes at a local metalsmithing/blacksmithing workshop but they're prohibitively expensive. Maybe in the winter. And YES, I'd love a copy! I'm sorry I've been incommunicado over the last couple months, there have been a lot of surprise developments travel and home-wise.

    Sarah - Thank you! They wouldn't be so bad except that my hands get incredibly shaky after just one set. I think it's trying to control the paint in such a tiny space with a not-so-fine brush.

  5. beautiful! i hope they will be on your etsy soon!