Thursday, October 4, 2007

one down

I put up all the pieces for the show last night and while it doesn't look polished it's better than my last installation. I dunno, this is only the second show I've been in and I both times I felt pretty good about my display until I looked around at the other artists'. I hope I get more opportunities to experiment with installations, but until I put together a decent portfolio it's all pipe dreams. Camden and I needed to get home soon after, but I'll put up some pictures tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting a lot!

Nothing fancy, as you can see, but my ambition isn't really in the pattern as much as the execution.

I've accumulated SO MUCH YARN over the last two years, and I've decided to knit all my holiday presents (with one exception) entirely with yarn from my existing stash. It's a challenge to take all these disparate remnant balls and match them up in harmonious combinations of texture and color, but it's a lot of fun. Like making lots of little, wooly collages. That you can wear on your head.

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  1. It's lovely! You are right, blogging is a pretty good way of keeping in touch. In any case, I think so. I just wish my perspective heaven-ers blogged more! Hope the west coast is treating you nicely, say hi to Camden & to Bartleby... Love, Shane