Thursday, June 11, 2009

possibly the best way to browse etsy ever

I know the search function on Etsy receives a lot of criticism, from buyers and sellers alike, and it seems like the administration has been doing a lot of tweaking over the past few months. Personally I haven't felt any major frustrations with the search engine because I don't generally have the budget to do a lot of shopping, but when I started looking for housewares and decorative pieces to pull together the color palette in my new apartment I felt a little overwhelmed.

Then I found this application and I suddenly it's SO MUCH FUN to search by color. (And I can't help but feel extra validated in taking tons of pictures of the interior in progress.) Basically the way it works is you upload a picture and it picks up on the general colors present in the picture. Then, if you want to look for things within a specific hue, you can click on its tab in the palette. There's also a keyword option if you're looking for something specific, like prints or jewelry.


This is the shelf in our bathroom that I've been having a little difficulty coordinating with the artwork I already own.

After uploading the picture with the terms "art" and "prints," here are a few sample pieces the analysis came up with:

Astro Boy Pop Art Print, $5.00 with shipping

from Monster Gallery

Ship Mast, photographic print, $30 with shipping

from rogerjporter

Houses, limited edition print, $31 with shipping

from carambatack

Deceleration, illustrative print, $21 with shipping

from MultiplePersonality

Pretty neat, I think. Now I just need to figure out my budget and take more pictures.

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