Sunday, June 14, 2009

circe comes home from the market

A few quick shots of the layout for a new drawing.

Shortly after taking these photos I ended up changing a lot of it. I wasn't happy with the angle of her head and the way the animals looked. Sigh.

I'm trying to be more disciplined about the way I approach drawing (and painting, although I haven't painted in so long I'm a little afraid to start again once I unpack my brushes) and do a proper preliminary layout, then studies of the details that trip me up, before starting in on the actual piece, rather than just plowing through and getting frustrated when I mess up because I haven't considered it enough.

Also, in possibly the coolest news I've heard all day, did you know that the phrase "Holy moly" originates from Homer's Odyssey? Apparently the herb that Hermes gives Odysseus to inure him to the effects of Circe's sorcery was called moly. HOW AWESOME IS THAT.


  1. Excellent - i'm going to use Holy Moly more often now! :) I'm so intrigued by the drawing, the wee snatches I can see look great (don't spill your coffee!) x

  2. It's funny you mention the coffee. Yesterday I was working on a small gouache piece and took a sip, only to realize it was my brushwater. Lessons learned.