Thursday, March 26, 2009

we're moving!

C. and I just signed a rental lease for an apartment in Oakland. We're so excited! It's a beautiful 1920's two bedroom unit with a huge kitchen, a few blocks away from Lake Merritt and just a stone's throw away from all kinds of cool things: the newly renovated Fox Theater, Chinatown, a pub that serves Trappist Belgian beers on tap, a diner that serves (among other delicacies) vegan pulled pork and milkshakes made with fresh blueberries, and yes. We're fairly pleased.

Anyway, that's way I've been kind of absent lately, and why I'll continue to be absent for a while longer.


  1. Excellent news! I love moving somewhere new and shiny :)

  2. Hi There -

    One of my bandmates introduced me to your work - it's really beautiful! I love your illustrative style and use of diff't materials. So nice. I'm always drawn to this type of thing.

    My bandmate has the idea that he would like to use one of your images on our upcoming EP cover.. ( I think he found it on google search a while ago. Anyways, since I'm also in design school, we figured that I would be the best person to contact you about this potential endeavour. It wouldn't really require any work on your part, just permission, and you would of course get full credit.

    Anyways, I realize from reading this post that you're pretty busy but if you are able to email me so that we can talk about this, that would be super cool!


  3. littlerobot - I know! I'm super psyched. We're going to give the apartment a more thorough once-over this week, taking measurements and such. I've been trolling Craigslist for free furniture.

    Hania - That sounds awesome! I'm flattered you like my work. I'll e-mail you too, just so you guys have my permission in writing. Thanks for the kind words!