Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help me overhaul my shop!

So, now that the rain seems to have cleared out for good and daylight savings time has wreaked havoc on my groggy, sleep-deprived brain, I think we can safely say spring has arrived. I'm planning on adding a flurry of new items to my shop. However, in the past I've always felt kind of frazzled about big overhauls and tend to second-guess myself a lot. Should I take that papercut down or shouldn't I? Should I reshoot photos of that cuff or not?

This year, I thought I'd run my basic ideas for spring cleaning by you guys. What's a good idea? What's not?

1. Which pieces, if any, should I take down from my shop?

2. Would you be interested in a section dedicated to a new line of "printable goods"? (I was thinking of offering DIY coloring cards/booklets featuring my original artwork, stationary sets, greeting cards, etc.)

3. Should I offer custom portraits/silhouettes/papercuts? I did two portraits for friends, incorporating the more surreal elements of my papercuts and silhouettes, and they said they thought this sort of thing would be a good addition to the shop. Dunce that I am, I forgot to take pictures of the portraits. But here are a few pieces that exemplify the style:

Pros: It would give me a chance to work one-on-one with Etsy shoppers and maybe expand my portfolio.

Cons: Very time-consuming - portraits wouldn't be available on a short deadline due to my own schedule, and because of the extra time spent brainstorming I might have to charge more - and possibly just too complicated. Plus it doesn't seem like there's high demand.

4. Your suggestions/questions!


  1. I just found your blog and I just adore it! Don't know how I have not stumbled upon you sooner. Your work is amazing and so inspiring, you have made my night. Can't wait to add you to my beautiful blogs list!
    Sophie x

  2. I love the variety of paper you use.

    As to your inquiry for opinions....I don't like to do portraits because if people don't like the way you portray them, they won't want to buy the work. Vanity might be a reason to not like what you have done. My opinion only.

  3. My guess is you know what I like! More original papercuts please!!! I love your own interpretation, and would just like to see more...