Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hello autumn

I love the crisp smell of the air. I love knitting lots of little woolens for my friends, hoarding each finished piece in my filing cabinet like some maladjusted squirrel. I love nesting in my blankets with a book and my gigantic mug of tea and my cat.

I do not love the $252.36 withdrawal I've made for textbooks.

It seems fall is here at last. Of course, this being California my produce bin is stubbornly clinging on to the last vestiges of summer. There were a couple autumn vegetables in our CSA last Saturday - two petite acorn squash, a bag of red potatoes - but there were also two cantaloupe, four heirloom tomatoes and a huge, shining eggplant almost as big as my cat. The melons are the problem: I like melons but I'm not overly fond of them, and Camden will have a bite or two and call it a night. There are three of them sulking in my fridge, growing ominously fragrant.


Cantaloupe Granita

1. Hollow out seeds of one ripe cantaloupe about the size of a human head. Perhaps four pounds? I'm not quite sure, I forgot to weigh it. Peel and cube the fruit into one inch chunks.

2. Puree the cantaloupe in a blender with a little over one cup of cold water, a little vodka (to keep it from freezing too hard) and one and a quarter cup of unrefined cane sugar.

3. Place liquid in shallow nonreactive pan (pyrex or glass is fine), cover with plastic wrap, and stick in the freezer.

4. When you feel like a cup, scrape out desired amount with a fork; you're going for a flaky, almost grainy texture rather than a smooth sorbet here. If it freezes too hard, let it sit at room temperature for an hour and then try flaking it.

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