Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's been a while, guys. Circumstances have been playing pretty roughshod with my work output. I finished these tokens in between hectic commutes and phone calls and time spent waiting for the train (circumstances play rougher with you when you don't know how to drive, it seems). Hopefully things will be smoother here on out.


  1. These are lovely!...I have the same problems...I don't drive so i'm always waiting for some kind of transport..typically in the rain...however...drivers generally can't sketch on their 1 hour commute so there's always a silver lining :)

  2. Hey there! Tried to mail you re: LA in sept....not sure if it's still your mail address....In any case, it's the 10th that we'll be there (I had originally thought the 4th...good job I double checked really :/) We'll be going to SF for a wee jaunt, but the 10th am def there if you are... :)