Friday, January 25, 2008

you're it

Denise, the mind behind the lovely journal, tagged me for one of those "list o' random things" memes. I actually really like reading them, so it's nice to get a chance to fill one out, too. Thanks, Denise!

So, seven thing, seven things:

  1. Sometimes, looking at Salvador Dali paintings makes me nauseous.
  2. After working for almost two years at a bookstore my attention span for literature had been so whittled down that by the time I left I could only read short essays, cookbooks and graphic novels.
  3. I really want to learn tattoo art and inking after I graduate.
  4. When my boyfriend and I finish a jar of olives I always drain it and recycle it, but not before taking a few hearty sips of the brine.
  5. I sort of judge house guests by how much my cat likes them.
  6. The Planet Earth series made me cry. Especially the disc with the critically endangered Amur leopard. And the one with the camel. And oh, how could I forget that highlights the DEATHS OF POLAR BEARS AND BABY PENGUINS? Excuse me, I don't know where that came from.
  7. I think infant children are pretty cute, but they usually make me feel vaguely uncomfortable.
I'm going to tag: Lindsey at Little Robot; Beckie from Domestic Happenings; Else, Sofie, and of course my dear Shane from The World and Other Issues; Ez from Creature Comforts; and Lou from Art and Ghosts.


  1. Great list, thanks so much for being a sport! Can't imagine how great the tattoo flash you would create would be, maybe one of your arrows?

  2. The arrows would be suh-weet. I don't know why I've been so keen on tattoo art recently - I don't have any tattoos myself - but I love it.